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NQ Power Up Electrical have been operating in Mackay and the greater North Queensland region for many years. The locally owned and operated business undertakes small and large scale residential and commercial projects in all facets of solar, air conditioning, and general electrical work.

NQ Power Up Electrical with vans

Recently, owner and managing director Brett initiated a digital plan for the business, starting with a website. As a newcomer to the digital world, and having never developed a website before, Brett commissioned a developer to build and create the website.

Since then, Brett has been investigating the intricacies of search engine optimisation (SEO), and its impact on the business.

“I’m always looking for ways to increase traffic to the website, and to be honest, I wasn’t really sure how to even go about optimising the website for search engine rankings,” said Brett.

“We rank well for certain keywords, such as our business name, but most people don’t search for us by business name. We really need to boost our ranking for words like “Electrician in Mackay” or “North Queensland Electrician”, in order to generate hits with new leads, and new customers.

“We’re certainly not as high up on the list as we’d like to be, so we’re investigating our SEO strategy.”

Like many website owners, Brett has had trouble sourcing a qualified SEO specialist.

“It’s a lot of money to invest, so I want to get it right from the start,” he said.

“I get lots of spam emails promising first place ranking in just a few weeks, but I know they’re not using legitimate methods, so I don’t even bother reading them.”

Brett warns against these “dodgy dealers”.

“We can get penalised by engaging some of these so-called specialists, unless they do the right thing by Google, Yahoo, and all of the other search engine rules,” said Brett.

“What I’ve realised is that we need to do a bit more work and a bit more research into the different agencies that might be able to help.

“You can get a website built, but there’s no guarantee that people will be able to find it!”

Find out more about NQ Power Up Electrical via their website or connect with them on Facebook


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