What is the Internet of Things?

In the broadest sense, the term IoT encompasses everything connected to the internet, but it is increasingly being used to define objects that “talk” to each other. Put simply, the Internet of Things is made up of devices – from simple sensors to smartphones and wearables – connected together.

  • What’s happening with IoT right now?

There are many exciting technologies that have already been developed and in use in our industry, like the RFID tags combined with Electronic Product Codes and Digital Object Identifiers. IoT offers us opportunity to be more efficient in how we do things, saving us time, money and often emissions in the process.

  • What implications does IoT have for us?

Even those who have purchased one of the myriad smart home products – from lightbulbs, switches, to motion sensors – will attest to the fact IoT is in its infancy. But soon we will see it in simpler day-to-day issues – like finding a car parking space in busy areas, linking up your home entertainment system and using your fridge webcam to check if you need more milk on the way home.

Essentially, it will allow companies, governments and public authorities to re-think how they deliver services and produce goods. IoT systems, once implemented, will give you and your staff a much larger pool of information to draw upon to improve your business, and your working cultures.

Of all the technology trends that are taking place right now, one the biggest is the Internet of Things; it’s the one that’s going to give us the most disruption as well as the most opportunity over the next five years.

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