What’s next for Social Media?

2016 saw some pretty huge changes to the major Social Media platforms and we’re going to bet on 2017 being just as big a year for the biggest social platforms.

Facebook and Instagram are opportunities to connect to your customers, as well as being a tool for marketing and eCommerce. In the case of B2B markets such as ours, it can be difficult to “prove” the success of social media as a channel for doing business. But it is quite relevant when we consider the customer, who is key, in an industry where feedback is a very important feature.

How will the 2017 changes in social media platforms affect your business?

  • Facebook video sharing abilities will 2017. This trend appears to be on many marketers minds, too, with businesses saying Facebook video is the #1 channel they’re looking to add to their efforts in the next 12 months. In 2016, Facebook launched Facebook live which is like having a TV camera crew in your pocket. Anyone with a smartphone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world.
  • In Facebook’s Q2 earnings report, Zuckenberg revealed a huge increase in searches per day. While Google still leads the way in search, Facebook is showing strong growth in this area. Search could prove to become a great toll to increasing your reach on Facebook and driving attention to the content on your social media page.
  • Instagram is getting serious about businesses users. It has released Business Tools brought with is business profiles, analytics and the ability to create ads from posts directly within the app.
  • Twitter wants to be the home of what’s happening, a worldwide talking hub. For SME’s, this could mean a heap of real-time conversation around the events happening in the industry and changes happening worldwide. Twitter broadcasts live and open up opportunities for reactive content and adverts around events broadcast on Twitter.

Is it time for you to revamp your social media business?

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